Rodney Asikhia

Rodney Asikhia was born in May 18th, 1976 in the Oil Rich region of Delta State, Nigeria. With a bachelor’s degree in Electrical/electronic Engineering, Rodney is a self-taught Artist who believes that Art has the power to communicate, express and heal the human soul. Art has the power to change the way we act towards one another and be better, Live in harmony, peace while surrounded by beauty.

He has organized numerous art exhibitions; his works are extremely rare in public domains as most seek to promote Justice, respect for life and humanity, gender equality, stop death penalty, stop domestic violence, stop racism, stop terror and war.


Artist Statement:

"Art remains the greatest medium of communication. When I create Art I open up multiple Chanel's to engage my viewers both on the physical and spiritual level. My impressions are self-reflective of the way the world revolves around humanity. I speak with colors using lines to create boundaries between my forms and the space they are engaged in."




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